Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms – When the Earth is Far Away

Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms - When the Earth is Far Away


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Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms – When the Earth is Far Away

Three years after their previous collaborative recording “Beyond the Portal”, Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms (aka Richard Roberts) hereby return, adding a third chapter of gentle cosmic music to their release-sheet. Richard and Craig explain they both did not add parts to a track send by the other during the rather short long-distance process of creation. Instead, each of them started bringing out things and qualities among new tones in the other’s contribution that their creator had been completely unaware of.

On the six nicely crafted tracks making up the 63-minute “When the Earth is Far Away”, Zero Ohms soothing, organic and ethereal woodwind instruments oncemore merge with Mr Padilla’s slow evolving synth textures, creating an inspired canvas of overall relaxed, drifting space music to timeless effect and deep immersion.

These warm and floating synth washes along skillfully played flute sounds make up grand cinematic farscapes as the slow-morphing tapestries go by, sketching out the vast expanse, splendour and total remoteness of deep space.

For me, the pinnacles on the release are the mesmerizing, soft glowing “Blue Distance” (taking the listener far out into the great wide open) along the grand design of space painted by the 18-minute “Terraforming” (that very neatly rounds out the album).

All in all, “When the Earth is Far Away”, makes a very nice effort and (as Craig states) indeed is true spacemusic for the mind and would suit very well to some awesome planetary visuals.

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