Create – Lost on an Island of Adventure

Create - Lost on an Island of Adventure

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Create – Lost on an Island of Adventure
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

As Stephen explained in a previous interview, he wanted to push the Create sound further and offer something new whilst at the same time making sure the tracks flowed well together.
In addition, the track titles reflect the music and mood more than ever and this was Stephen’s conscious decision whilst recording and constructing the album.

Well, the new album of Create sees a continuation of music in the style of the old school of electronic music (although there’s less mellotron to be found), kicking off with the strong 17-minute “Just above the Surface” opening up a can of nice vintage sounds, effects and sequencing with engaging lead riffs.

The pace of the music on this and the following tracks is not hasty, leaving room to absorb the range of melodic retro sonics scattered over the tracks at its fullest, although I think some solo’s are set a bit too prominent (e.g. as heard in “Follow the Shoreline”).


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