Create – Reflections from the inner light

Create - Reflections from the inner light


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Create  – Reflections from the inner light
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2004

Ok, let’s have some further nostalgia. In 2004, Groove added a new artist to their roster who composed well-crafted Berlin School music:  Create (a.k.a. UK-synthesist Stephen Humphries) who instead of any hardware synths used Reason software technology only to realize his sonic creations.

On his strong debut “Reflections from the inner light”, Create presents 78 minutes of spaced-out electronics merging the style of TD and Schulze in a tad more contemporary fashion. Lots of classic, fat sounds along smooth mellotron pads are scattered all over the place and mingled with joyous sequencing, beats, and sophisticated rhythms, together forming a warm, attractive sound design on each of the eight tracks. Simply put, “Reflections from the inner light” is a winner when you’re into captivating, spacious, and atmospheric retro electronics.


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