Create – Space Time Continuum

Create - Space Time Continuum

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Create – Space Time Continuum
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2007

Stephen Humphries, aka Create, explains in the booklet he found it time to release an album of shorter tracks as the previous two cds contained only very long tracks.

Well, the five tracks on “Space Time Continuum” continue in the characteristic Create-tradition, featuring both prominent and more hold back analogue sequencing bathing in a wide range of warm vintage textures, mellotron choirs, improvisation and fx’s.
In addition, the very nice sequencing and music of on the fourth track “Footprints in the Sand” seems a great tribute to TD’s track “Monolight”.

It once again proves the dreamy electronic world of Create is one which will continue to be loved and cherished by many electronic music fans around the globe, due to its accessible nature, mature composition and great sounds, but still leaving room for lots of improvisation.
Well done, Stephen!


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