Crown Invisible – CI 4: Cinema

Crown Invisible - CI 4: Cinema

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Crown Invisible – CI4: Cinema
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cursor Club, 2001

This release was actually scheduled for the end of 2000, but due to the on and off rush of the holidays and the demanding production process at Cursor Club, it was not actually released until June 2001. It has finally become a full album (six tracks, 41 minutes), and once again the listener is served up something particularly beautiful. The title suggests visual music (and what you get is nothing less than that), and this time around the individual tracks have been given separate subtitles.

What is immediately noticeable is that rhythm and percussion (especially waterpots) take an important place within the still cyclically composed soundscapes. The overall atmosphere is heart-warming and majestic with a beautiful fat bass line gracing the evocative opening track. Two tracks even features modified e-guitar by one Jim Hill.

On “CI 4: Cinema”, almost all songs are new, except “V8” (it was on the first Ep) and “V12” (it appeared on the second Ep), but both are recapped in such a different, enchanting style that one can almost speak of new compositions. Overall production and sound quality are excellent as ever.


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