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Crown Invisible – Crown Invisible

Let’s journey back to 1998. That year I ran into something special for all those Em-enthusiasts always on the look-out for new diamonds in contemporary electronic music. It comes from the small Hollywood-label Cursor Club run by Garrett Parks. In general, Crown Invisible’s music is pretty melodic as well as lush at places, think a bit of a combination of contemporary Tangerine Dream and Percy Faith (yes, the guy who did Theme from a Summer Place and other instrumentals back in the 1950’s.)

Crown Invisible is a 21-minute Ep containing three tracks (simply called “V4”, “V3” and “V8”) featuring delicately-shaped atmospheric music with profound minimal elements. The outcome arises from just a few musical fragments that are refined, reshaped or transformed with each piece.

Well, the result is kind of overwhelming, and when you take an even closer listen it all seems composed so easy-going and keen. This is vast, transparent music with a great choice of synth sounds creating its own momentum as it evaporates in an embracing, warm sense. There’s also a certain filmic flavour to all this, as the enigmatic music unfolds slowly but surely before the listener’s ears in a unique manner.

Rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars


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