Cyber Zen Sound Engine – Ausländer

Cyber Zen Sound Engine - Ausländer

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Cyber Zen Sound Engine – Ausländer
CD, N-Light Records, 2002

“Ausländer” is the third album of the mysterious American duo Smith6079 and GraceNoteX, aka Cyber Zen Sound Engine.

The concept album is “dedicated to everyone who know how it feels to be an outsider”. The duo describes the outcome as a more “active” form of ambient music which also contains elements from illbient, dub en industrial music.

Well, the atmospheric content on this cd is certainly something special as you enter a peculiar mix of hypnotic soundscapes which contains quite a lot of modified guitar sounds, strange rhythms, low bass lines and beats.

Occasionally, unusual loops and voice fragments fly by, which together create a rather uneasy and lasting feel, although there’s also room for beautiful introspective atmospherics as heard on “Mu Psych”.
But always shortly after that, the music turns its heels and turns back to the previous mentioned spooky soundworlds.

Although you might give this cd many plays in your cd player, this kind of adventurous chill-out will probably remain unpredictable and remarkable.


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