Cyber Zen Sound Engine – Cooperation

Cyber ZenSound Engine - Cooperation

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Cyber Zen Sound Engine – Cooperation
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, N-Light-N Records, 2011

“Cooperation” is the fourth album by Cyber Zen Sound Engine (CZSE), and the first one to feature their new line-up that adds British composer Tom Boon (known from EnoWeb) as a full member to the project. The music started flowing almost immediately after CZSE’s album “Ausländer” (released almost ten years ago), with the scope on a double disc set to be titled “Hemispheres”.

Due to various personal circumstances and the devastating aftermath caused by the powers of nature (hurricane Rita in 2005 and hurricane Ike in 2008), the whole completion of the concept release was severly delayed. At the time the CZSE–trio were finally able to finish the last bits and pieces, artistic and personal differences between the founding members made work increasingly difficult.
With over three cd´s of completed tracks, the band decided to shelve “Hemispheres” and instead release a subset of compiled tracks as “Cooperation”.

The latter contains 16 instrumental tracks with moody and rather surreal atmospherics, creating a peculiar mixture of contemplative and overtly desolate ambience with some lap-steel and “walk-on” guitars along assorted percussions.

Things turn melodic, more uplifting and bright on “A Tower Unto Heaven” and the comforting “Love”. “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”, “Vast Horizons behind us” and “Time and Tide” are other more accessible pieces, but things on this album overtly roam on the darker, slightly forboding side as it submerges into dense underground territory.

All in all, CZSE’s netherworld is something for adventureous-oriented ambient fans with an open mind for a different sonic perfume and perspective.
“Cooperation” is released as a factory-pressed cd or MP3 download.


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