Cyclotimia – Wasteland

Cyclotimia - Wasteland

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Cyclotimia – Wasteland
CD, StateArt, 2002

Cyclotimia is the Russian duo Maks K. and Leonid M., who describe their cross-over soundscapes as “L’Electronique Mondial”.
Experiencing the content of “Wasteland” is like entering a world of dark, cold atmospheric ambient soundscapes, where things turn into something quite disturbing and apocalyptic.

The first three tracks step into the deep with raw sound experiments in which chaos seems to reign. After that it seems to settle a bit, as things flow and shapeshift in gothic atmospheres.
The dense, darkening and sometimes even threatening environmentals continue on the following three tracks, and although it’s heavy material it is also quite visual music.

Unfortunately, the album closes after 45 minutes in overall experiment on “Same Time Same Place”, which brutally smashes the carefully shaped soundworlds of the middle part.

In all, this is definitely not a recording for the faint hearted, but a powerful release with strong avant-garde/industrial edges.




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