Cymphonic – Dimensionata

Cymphonic - Dimensionata

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Cymphonic – Dimensionata
CD, DataBloem, 2013

Since he started composing music, Dutchman Stanley Swinkels (aka Cymphonic) has found his own way in the genre of organic-spiced, minimal-flavoured and subtly moulded ambient music.

The 11-track “Dimensionata” is a quieting journey in the otherworldly and surreal with occasional sequenced parts, unfolding rather complex and meticulously in layers. Soothing and sensual aren’t the appropriate words for this soundscape music, but there’s something distinctively gentle, mysterious and wondrous happening in this minimalist realm that keeps the attentive listener focussed.

The spoken and whispering lines, alienating / sampled sounds, haunting (under)currents and abstract hooks expand this in-depth aural experience. In addition, there this cold and distant feel running alongside the aforementioned which makes this rather arctic ambient on various occasions during the ride. For me, “Lake Vostok” along the closing pieces “Panorama” and “P139” hit the secluded atmosphere best on the album.
Surreal ambient aficionados should consider checking out “Dimensionata”.



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