Cymphonic – Strataradialis

Cymphonic - Strataradialis


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Cymphonic – Strataradialis
CD, DataBloem, 2007

“Strataradialis” is the second album by Cymphonic, aka the Dutch ambient sound sculptor and musician Stanley Swinkels.

I must confess it took me quite some time and several extra spins in the cd player before I decided to write a review on this remarkable ambient release.
The fact that the music created a hypnotic, trance-like state of mine, didn’t make the task easier either.

The album contains nine carefully composed tracks, which form an uninterrupted sonic blanket. It’s a slowly evolving journey through minimal and gently morphing soundscapes, fx’s, environmentals and occasional spoken words.

Listening to this music feels like a dream, as meandering, cinematic textures pass by as you move through different stages. There’s also a distinct Tibetan and Biosphere kind of flavour to be felt here, as the looped sounds and mesmerizing multi-layered ambient washes shift back and forth.

This music especially works well at the end of the day as the light slowly starts to fade away.

All in all, “Strataradialis” is a highly recommended as impressive sound painting, of which the excellent sound quality and exquisite production are the icing the cake.
Very well done, Stanley!



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