Cyscape – Deep Sea Explorer

Cyscape - Deep Sea Explorer

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Cyscape – Deep Sea Explorer
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

Cyscape is the UK ambient musician Phil Riches, of which this album seems to be his second one.
Yes, with such a title we’re entering some deep cinematic atmospheres, a 65-minute collage of smooth evolving dreamscapes with distinct use of rhythmic beat elements.

Not that it’s that easy music, as Riches is quite fond of using lots of slight noisy fx’s next to dub/pulse sequencing which together form a tapestry of minimal, textural ambience.

This works out very well in the first few tracks, but this combination lasts too long in the closing track “At the Surface”, where the noisy additions are far too prominent.
“Deep Sea Explorer” is a clear sounding album for ambient-fans who love deeper listening.

By the way, Cyscape has a track on the second Databloem-sampler.



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