D Loop – Mystery´s River

D Loop - Mystery´s River

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D Loop – Mystery´s River
CD, Ear Waves, 2004

D Loop, aka Dwight Loop, hails from Sausalito and has been performing electronic music since the late 70s in both solo and ensemble settings. Dwight is also a long-time radio host of “Earwaves,” a new and experimental music public radio program heard on public stations in New Mexico for 16 years.

The press release which came with the cd describes the music on “Mystery’s River” as molecular music – deep, contemplative, expansive and resonant, even getting to deep cellular space. Well, to me the overall feel of the music is reflective and minimal.

It’s highly atmospheric music shaped of slowly morphing textures, manufactured by synthesizers, didgeridoo, samples, voices and processed rhythms which shows slight reminiscence to some work of Steve Roach.

The track “Swept Away” is one of the highlights, featured in 2 different mixes, although both “Buya” and “Peace” are also smooth, atmospheric dwellings.
It’s a pity the album closes with a rather weak track featuring weird voice samples.

Website: www.earwaves.net


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