Däcker – Anthropomorphic Personification

Däcker - Anthropomorphic Personification

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Däcker – Anthropomorphic Personification
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2023

From time to time I have music on my desk that demands some extra time to investigate and grab the full picture. This applies to the second release by Almere-based Peter Dekker, aka Däcker, who regards himself as a composer using synthesizers for the creation of his music, rather than a synthesizer composer or musician of electronic music. The title/concept of this versatile release deals with Anthropomorphic Personification, to translate concepts into a human(shaped) persona, with human properties.

Its music -still realized with analog gear- is a quite varied bag, reaching from cinematic, abstract-angled mood music (opener “Thanatos”) before shifting into the vintage late ’70 Schulze modus with the nicely sequenced “Aergia” that also features some soaring solo voices. An introspective approach is taken on the nearly 16-minute “Hypnos”, which sees Peter gear up with (semi)acoustic guitarist Rik van der Lande, together creating a symphonic-infused, Vangelis-China kind of realm. It is an intriguing track best cherished with headphones. “Chaos” though is a 10-minute peculiar, experimental, and estranged dwelling with a psychedelic second half that’s hard to pinpoint. Next is the 20-minute “Chronos” bearing a Berlin School signature again: up-tempo sequencer patterns, solo voices and (in the last section) drums built up a nice, dynamic set of music. Profound calm sets in on the gentle Vangelis-Earth-ish “Gaia”, a highly emotive, smooth evolving outro that could fit great into a movie. I must confess I like this tiny sonic poem of stillness very much. All in all: nice job, Peter.

Website: desertedislandmusic.nl



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