Däcker – Pareidolia

Däcker - Pareidolia

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Däcker –  Pareidolia
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2020

With so much music coming from other countries I too often forget my small country has something nice and interesting to offer as well. So here’s an album merging lots of vintage electronic sounds and sequencers with a slight contemporary touch made by Peter Dekker, aka Däcker. The latter created “Pareidolia’s” final outcome out initial improvised 2-track recordings done in one take made in August 2008 with the help of label-owner Remy Stroomer.

The 65 minutes of music spread over the five tracks (two shorter and 3 longer tracks) is quite original: it creates warm, cosmic, and dreamy sonic atmospheres incorporating gentle pulses dressed with some melody along with a dash of Berlin School thrown in. A hypnotizing current running underneath and through the outcome is imminent as well. The Berlin School vibe is the most evident on the 24-minute opener “Female Figure” as well as on the minimalist-sequenced “Face on Mars” while a very nice touch of classic Vangelis surfaces on the final track “The Dragon”. Above all I think fans fond of the sound of the classic Eminent synth will want to dig this well-made recording for sure.

Website: www.desertedislandmusic.nl



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