Damm – Nautical Dawn



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Damm – Nautical Dawn
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020

“Nautical Dawn” (inspired by majestic cloud formations at nature’s finest hour when the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon) is an electronic chill-out release by Damm, an early ’90 alias of Swedish techno artist Joel Mull, featuring a personal selection of after-hours morning portraits. Sonically it runs the gauntlet between ambient, dub, glittering electronica and ambient techno, incorporating assorted field recordings and introspective synthesizer melodies along the way.

There’s nearly 60 minutes of music hard to pin down as it soundtracks the many colours of the sun and sky through shifting styles and moods. Can’t say much meets of it meets my personal taste, but I do like the lightness found throughout the whole recording as well as occasional introspective, quietening movements like “Lullabye” and “Utila Padilo”.


Website: www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com



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