Dan Hartman – New Green Clear Blue

Dan Hartman - New Green Clear Blue


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Dan Hartman – New Green Clear Blue
CD, Private Music, 1989

A while back, my long-time review colleague Bill Binkleman pointed my attention to this release, which appeared to be sadly out-of-print since quite some years.
I think that’s a real pity, as “New Green Clear Blue” is an excellent ambient release.

It cannot be denied Brian Eno was a strong influence for this music, as one can clearly hear on a track such as “Adrift in a Red Sky” (which features some great piano).

But Hartman’s reflective, non-rhythmic sonic excursions also breaths the influences of Vangelis as well in various other tracks.

“Alpha Wave” is the only track with a beat, before things again settle down. This honest music contains lots of melancholic undercurrents (“Soviet Nights”), which comes to a beautiful closing with “Home”, which sounds a bit in vein of Suzanne Ciani.

A stellar cd which I will cherish and keep on playing!



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