Dan Pound – Aurora

Dan Pound - Aurora

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Dan Pound – Aurora
CD-R, Pound Sounds, 2010

Mr Pounds keeps up a steady tempo of releasing music, as this is his third one in 2010.

“Aurora” is a cosmic ambient album containing nine atmospheres, which is not as textural as one might expect. Dan’s aural landscape are expansive but also rather active in nature.
This recording dips into the pool of serene, surreal and reflective soundscapes with a meditative touch (e.g. “Northern Lights”, “Magnetic Pull”, “True North”) while, frame drum pulses and ethereal vocal pads comes to the surface in the opening title track.

It’s no pure drift music though, as Dan implements all kind of sound bits and pieces in his tracks to enhance the overall sound spectrum. The latter also could have sounded a bit warmer and more polished to my taste.

“Aurora”, recommended by the composer for low volume playback in repeat mode and perfect for the Winter Soltice, blends the mysterious, atmospheric and the chilling side of free form ambient music.

The album is available through the usual digital stores online next to Dan’s own website.

Website: www.danpound.com

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