Dan Pound – Change Of Weather

Dan Pound - Change Of Weather

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Dan Pound – Change Of Weather
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

With “Change of Weather”, US-composer Dan Pound had delivered another intense and quite enjoyable ambient recording.
A captivating atmosphere is already set by the two-part opener “Through the Fog”, aptly weaving thick and lush textural waves with a slight melodic line and even a high-tech touch. “After the Rain” though comes forward far less captivating, a short abstract sounding interlude that misses proper direction.

Fortunately, “Rainforest” picks up the positive trail again, incorporating some flute hovering over the gentle shifting soundscapes. A sense of motion and twist of events surfaces on “A Different Wind” where a harmonica enhances the vaporous sound design briefly. On the final piece, bits of high-tech penetrate the flowing but still very loosely structured sound trail once more which doesn’t turn out too convincing and captivating in the end.

This said, there’s something missing in the second half of the release that would make “Change of Weather” more satisfying, solid and expressive than it is right now (though it’s not a bad recording).

Website: www.danpound.com

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