Dan Pound – Cocoon

Dan Pound - Cocoon

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Dan Pound – Cocoon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PoundSounds, 2011

The 65-minutes of tranquil music that make-up “Cocoon”, that depicts a sequence of events and transmutations of the life stages of a cocoon and chrysalis into a butterfly, once more prove that Mr Pound is a follower of Steve Roach. It’s introspective music about transformation, embarking on gentle textural and unhurried ambient/space journeys with tribal touches that enters imaginary, dreamy worlds.

It’s rather strange though some faint guitar lingerings and shamanic voices form the distracting elements in the presented picture frame of smooth evolving atmospheres and light pulse sequences that make up the 15-minute title track found at the start.
Soft calling flute tones and light rhythms occasionally enter the stage on the following six meditative and serene compositions, an outcome Dan Pound describes as a shamanic new age musical soundscape.

I for one would have loved Dan left out these extra elements, giving room to only the ebb and flow of expansive lush textural landscapes and the pulse tapestries. It seems this message finally gets through on the final piece “Release”.

“Cocoon” is available as factory-pressed cd or in MP3 digital format.

Website: www.danpound.com

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