Dan Pound – Eros Thanatos

Dan Pound - Eros Thanatos

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Dan Pound – Eros Thanatos
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

The ambient sonic art displayed on Eros has maintained the improvements already notable on Dan’s previous album “Spherical”.

According the press-info, the outcome on “Eros Thanatos” is based mostly on guitar soundscapes effects, complemented by analogue and digital synths, while applying deep layers of reverb in the whole process. The first pieces, “From Love and Grace” and “Finding Beauty”, already make a great and moody entrance into ethereal and overtly lush textural spheres while spreading a spatial and warm sonic perfume with a touch of melancholy.

This intimate mood continues on the next six instrumental tracks of the almost 70 minute, soft glowing release, creating a vast soundscape of gently flowing and resonating freeform tapestries that contain some subtle rhythms occasionally. The drony “Incarnate” sets out gloomy and darkening, as it ascends into deeper, soft bubbling and soaring worlds. It is followed by the mesmerizing “Shadow in the Dark”, where the composer adds an exotic-shamanic edge along a subtle pulse sequence, and the gently sequenced ethereal musings of the title track.

The overall atmosphere maintains quiet and sedate on the remaining tracks, although the sound current morphs rather firmly in a drony sense.
Put on your headphones though to grab all the details and subtleties “Eros Thanatos” has to offer.

Website: www.danpound.com

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