Dan Pound – Esoterica

Dan Pound - Esoterica

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Dan Pound – Esoterica
CD, Private Release, 2009

“Esoterica” is the first release of ambient musician Dan Pound in 2009. What this album especially reveals for me, is the fact that Dan has been further refining and shaping is own sound.

The cd contains the title track, divided in eight parts, in which sequenced parts are mingled with free form textural soundscapes, shamanic/ethnic percussion, flute, didjeridoo, and voice. Together they create one spacious aural picture.

These atmospheric, at times even mysterious, soundworlds with occasional dronescapes could be considered shamanic space music as both organic, serene and meditative elements are featured throughout the sonic ride.

Fans of the ethnic flavoured works of Steve Roach should give this recording a try.

Website: www.danpound.com

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