Dan Pound – Interlace

Dan Pound - Interlace

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Dan Pound – Interlace
CD, Pound Sounds, 2010

With “Interlace”, California-based musician Dan Pounds adds another chapter to his series of ambient electronic, shamanic space music, which he likes to call musical medicine for the soul.

The outcome is an ambient voyage beyond the tangible world of matter while simultaneously reaching into the inner depths of ones personal psychic realm. Well, the surrealistic, dreamy impact is obvious in this long form work with atmospheric flavours, which comes in six separate pieces.

Moreover, the outcome are eclectic and deep symphonic ambient musings which gradually evolve, while searing drones and synth pads pass by with analogue sequencer pulses. This especially comes to the surface on the third “Rare Refraction”, with its peculiar elevating effect and spectral sequencer patterns.

“Interlace” is for those who love deeper listening. Or to put it in Dan’s own words: mind altering, mind bending, shape shifting, trance inducing soundworlds that are sure to take you on another other-worldly voyage.

Website: www.danpound.com

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