Dan Pound – Life Giving

Dan Pound - Life Giving

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Dan Pound – Life Giving
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PoundSounds, 2014

“Life Giving” (coined as nocturnal space music by the composer) is a release filled with lush, tranquil, smooth soaring and drifting ambient music centred on the living spheres.

The 73-minute gentle spiral of warm textural soundscapes and effects is accompanied by subtle pulsations pushing things slowly onward. The overall minimal sound design becomes more upfront on the fourth piece “Only One” (where light guitars strings are neatly added to the flow of synth pads) before things shift to a more “active” modus on the 16-minute “Passing through time” without abandoning the hypnotic, minimal realm.

The latter also applies when subtle rhythms fade in on the morphing “Taken by the Dream” (with its pleasant drony and murky sound effects) and the percolating, circular and curling moves making up the fine “Life Pulse”. The essence and intrinsic message of the previous music winds down gently on the final piece.
Nice going, Mr Pound.

Website: www.danpound.com

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