Dan Pound – Medusazoa

Dan Pound - Medusazoa

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Dan Pound – Medusazoa
CD-R, PoundSounds, 2011

With the music of his album “Medusazoa”, on which work was started in July 2010, it seems Mr Pound is trying to come closer to the sound of Steve Roach.

The seven tracks feature so-called underwater dream zone music, based and built from analog modular synth drones, patches and effects, made to accompany the fluid movements and colorful bio-luminescence of the jellyfish as it gently moves through the streams.

The free form textural movements on “Medusazoa” are characterized by a strong organic undercurrent, smoothly drifting along with crustacean-like effects and poly-sequential, fractal rhythms and pulses. In addition, the unhurried, chill-out atmosphere of liquid ambient spheres occasionally feels like a living organism, especially on the the 12-minute title track.

All in all, “Medusazoa” is a chill-out soundscape release of which only the rather annoying contributions of the Fender Stratocaster (which resemble those of Roach’s “Midnight Moon”– period) make no sense and even puzzles me.

Website: www.danpound.com

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