Dan Pound – Night Watch

Dan Pound - Night Watch

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Dan Pound – Night Watch
CD, Private Release, 2008

Mr Pound keeps up releasing music in quite a high tempo, as November 2008 saw the release of “Night Watch”, music made for inner transformation and mind expansion.

The 70+ minutes on this album realm in the ambient/space genre, but infused with lots of tribal influences. Next to field recordings, Dan plays singing bowls, Native American flutes, Shamanic percussion and didj, which compliment the sedate electronic textures and morphing dronescapes.

Occasionally, the calming music reaches a higher level, as heard in the too short “Night Magic” with its warm, embracing and elevating effect.
In the 12-minute closing track, some spacious and lofty e-guitar shows up as well, making it a nice closure of this contemplative, meditative album.

Website: www.danpound.com

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