Dan Pound – Spherical

Dan Pound - Spherical

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Dan Pound – Spherical
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Pound Sounds, 2013

More than once, the music of Dan Pound has shown similarities to the sonic art of Steve Roach. The 74-minute “Spherical” reveals many improvements in that direction, as it merges immersive textural sound worlds with beats, assorted percussion, guitars, field recordings and some Native American flute, all hinting for the deep expanse and wide introspection.

Moreover, “Spherical” is a mystical and rather dark-shaded sound quest with a slight shamanic rim travelling through otherworldly textural spaces. It more and more gives birth to an own signature, especially on the excellent title track (found that the start) and “Through the Centre”.

Despite its ethereal qualities, the whole album is not an uplifting aural experience, but one of a somber and overall introspective nature demanding active and focused listening. Headphone listening is recommended.

Website: www.danpound.com

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