Dan Pound – Tantra Majik

Dan Pound - Tantra Majik

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Dan Pound – Tantra Majik
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

Dan Pound’s goal with this music is “to help enhance an erotic, meditative state where a couple may find that massage and touch become more intense and absorbing”.

What we got here is a kind of sensuous ambient music which Mr Pound classifies as shamanic space music with quiet, tribal groove rhythms and occasional flute sounds.

Dan applies lots of engaging, warm, slow morphing non-rhythmic textures, (which comes close to Roach’s “Quiet Music”-series) as e.g. featured in very nice second track “Silk Dreams”.

I think these flowing, non-rhythmic soundscapes are the tender moves, forming the real strength of his intimate, late night music “that will enhance a variety of intimate exchanges with your partner”.

In the meantime, Dan already seems to have composed the follow-up companion album “In-Sense”.

Website: www.danpound.com

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