Dan Pound – Trance Meditation

Dan Pound - Trance Meditation

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Dan Pound – Trance Meditation
CD, Private Release, 2008

This version of “Trance Meditation” is actually a re-release of most of the music from the same album, which California-based ambient composer Dan Pound put out in 2006.
This time, ambient legend Steve Roach gave a hand by lending his expertise on the sonic enhancements, arrangement and mastering of the hypnotizing space/meditation music

The albums contains seven tracks, which act more like “phases”. The “deep zone ambient” gently morphs through a harmonic pallet of soundscapes and spheres, carefully moulded from synths, electric guitar, samplers, didj, shamanic voice and percussion.

This long form ambient is suitable as relaxing, background and night music, sure when put on repeat mode.

Website: www.danpound.com

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