Danger in Dream – Entrance

Danger in Dream - Entrance


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Danger in Dream – Entrance
CD/Digital Download, Virtual Music, 2001

Nearing the end of another year made me reflect on an album that came out over 22 years ago. “Entrance” is the classic debut album from Vienna-based duo Danger in Dream (aka Robert Wittek and Alexander Gülfenburg). It was finally made available in download format in 2020 as the hardcopy was sold out and hard to find for a very long time.

The full 17-track outcome, best listened to and enjoyed in one go, was realized with hardware gear only. From the start, it’s clear this is a clear and undeniable tribute to the Berlin School style of electronics and early ’80s TD’s in particular. This means lots of evocative PPG sounds floating around among an array of interlocking, driving sequences, an assortment of warm pads as well as a couple of catchy solos. It’s presented in one continuous, slow-evolving flow.

Only on the ninth track does the music remain a bit too uniform, reminding of some static, uninspired passages on TD’s “Live Miles”. Fortunately, the catchy sonic thread is picked up energetically and catchy again after that.

Recommended if you like Rene Splinter, Johannes Schmoelling, Rob Essers, and alike.

Website: dangerindream.bandcamp.com

Website: virtual-music.at

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