Daniel B. Prothese – HöllEktroKraut / HellEctroKraut

Daniel B. Prothese - HöllEktroKraut / HellEctroKraut

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Daniel B. Prothese – Höllektrokraut / HellEctrokraut
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

Ok, time to dust off your speakers as here’s a treat for all fans of dynamic electronic krautrock with a leading role for analogue gear.

Daniel B. Prothese, aka Daniel Bressanutti (one half of Nothing But Noise and the famous Belgium electro-act Front 242), fires all vintage engines on the double-releaseHöllEktroKraut / HellEctroKraut”, throwing in a  few experimental hooks and abstract bits as well on the 10 featured tracks. This may give the impression things end up less accessible or even chaotic, but that’s not the case.

Daniel delivers lively, beat-driven ambient-electro made in-the moment with a profound in-your-face sound design, wandering into minimal territory occasionally (“Black”). However, his music really kicks some ass on the extended “Kraut & Roll” and “Höhere Ebene” (the latter saying hi to Tubeway Army), “Fluxbot”, “Far, Far… V1”, “Far Far… V2”.

Make sure you dig this release if you’re open-minded, love fat synth sounds while Nothing But Noise’s output ticks all the boxes for you.


Website: http://danielbprothese.bandcamp.com


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