Daniel Blanchet – L´Harmonie des Mondes

Daniel Blanchet - L´Harmonie des Mondes


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Daniel Blanchet – L´Harmonie des Mondes
CD, Editions Rubicon, 1991

Daniel Blanchet is a Canadian musician hailing from the Quebec area, who began experimenting with synthesizers in 1985.
The concept album “L’Harmonie des Mondes” is inspired by the treatise “Harmonies of the Worlds” by German astronomer Johannes Kepler, to which it’s also a homage.

Produced and mixed by Steve Roach, the 56-minute album contains twelve ambient tracks which all feature a velvet sound design with only few rhythmic elements.

What we got here is a quiet form of free form space music with an occasional elevating effect, slowly flowing through soft melodic textural spheres.
Between them, “Ellievel” is one of those special pieces that is able to carry you away, indeed creating cathedral like dimensions in the mind – poetic images through unlimited space.

A recommended, classic work of space music.



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