Daniel Bloom – Event Horizon

Daniel Bloom - Event Horizon

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Daniel Bloom – Event Horizon
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2010

Daniel Bloom is a Polish synthesist who has been joining Vic Rek’s Ricochet Gathering meetings since a few years, and he also showed up on the “Keep On” tribute cd of the same label.

Daniel composed the seven tracks on “Event Horizon” in 2002 and 2003 using only analogue synthesizers. The use of the latter is obvious through the beautifully warm sounds and well-tempered sequencing.

Bloom’s intriguing music leans a bit toward TD, but is able to speak its own voice. For me, Daniel reaches great heights with the energetic title track (also the longest one on the album), which really gives you a great kick-inside, next to the 10-minute sequencer-flavoured “Into the Galactic Nucleus” with improvising solo voice.

The closing piece “Duat” is another highlight with spectral sequencing and gracious sounds of the analogue days, reminding of Waveshape’s output.

The music of “Event Horizon” is proof Mr Bloom is very talented musician knowing his ways with vintage gear.
So electronic music fans out there, make sure to check this one out…



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