Daniel & Booth – Circle of Phenomenon

Daniel & Booth - Circle of Phenomenon


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Daniel & Booth – Circle of Phenomenon
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Electronic Composers Outlet, 2020

This is Michael Daniel & Phil Boots’ second album made available on Mai 1st 2020 as a special ECO lockdown/one day only digital preview.  “Circle of Phenomenon” features four lengthy tracks clocking between 18 and 20 minutes each. It’s a most enjoyable listen for all who have a soft spot for deep textural and highly atmospheric ambient of freeform nature.

I’ve listen and immersed into it various times with headphones. This made me discover different cosmic currents and layers in the fascinating soundscapes of opener “Menhir” while the moody “Circle” introduces lovely strings of vintage Berlin School sequencing, assorted retro pads and a brief lyrical violin voice. “Milbury”, kicking off with some classic Jarre-esque vibes, continues the set of vintage atmospheres nicely with retro sequences sound effects and lush swirling solo bits entering around the 6-minute mark. Things shift to a more powerful mode on the last track “Phenomenon” where fast-paced, more pronounced sequences merge with “Ricochet”-ish vibes as well as bits of proggy e-guitar at the very end.

Keep up the fine work, guys.


Website: http://daniel-booth.bandcamp.com

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