Daniel & Booth – Inverse

Daniel & Booth - Inverse


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Daniel & Booth –  Inverse
CD/Digital Download, Electronic Composers Outlet, 2020

When it comes to a reinterpretation and keen reshuffle of the Berlin School style, English musicians Michael Daniel and Phil Booth have done a fine job so far since they started out together in 2008.

“Inverse”, containing four lengthy tracks without any soloing, is another attentively crafted piece of work celebrating the warm, evocative sounds as well as the numerous ins and outs of analog gear. All infectious ingredients and usual vintage suspects take the stage, seeing assorted warm synth pads and sound effects swirl alongside and mingle with some tantalizing sequencing.

I must say I’ve developed a soft spot for the exquisite bass sequence gracing “Open Channel”  and the lovely deep basslines found all over the recording. Not to mention some of Mr. Daniel’s tasty guitar licks created on his beloved Fender Stratocaster. Overlooking all tracks, the freeform, highly emotive title piece is my favorite here.

Hat’s off another time to you guys for this very nice, moody, and well-produced outcome. Rest me to say these blokes simply deserve far more recognition.

Website: daniel-booth.bandcamp.com

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