Daniel & Booth – Mutiny

Daniel & Booth - Mutiny

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Daniel & Booth – Mutiny
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, English Electronic Music Company, 2010

Next to the vintage project PDB with Brendan Pollard (which has now come to an end), Michael Daniel and Phil Booth often have been together jamming and experimenting in their own way.
From the sessions in Bleakhouse Studio in Kirkby and the Inhouse Studio, parts have been derived which have now been released as “Mutiny”, which saw the light of day on E-Day 2010.

Although the two musicians have sticked to the formulae of long, evolving tracks, the sonic outcome is rather different, and overall sounding rougher. Moreover, the three tracks (together almost 70 minutes) venture in unpolished and dark-oriented territory, in which Mr. Daniel’s guitar is more prominent.

The title track takes off nicely and stays the closest to vintage electronics of PDB. Next is the almost 30-minute “Rogue Sentinel” that firmly hits the instrumental “rock”-button after a smooth soundscape introduction, and which sees Tom Baterista add some powerfull drums to the duos energetic output.
The 20-minute “Morphoton” though submerges into mellow, atmospheric spheres, putting a relaxed ending to the album.

All in all, “Mutiny” is recommended for fans of the Berlin School retro style, but is less convincing and strong compared to the PDB-stuff.

Website: Daniel-Booth.bandcamp.com 

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