Danna & Clément – A Gradual Awakening

Danna & Clement - A Gradual Awakening

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Danna & Clément – A Gradual Awakening
CD-R, Earthaven/Mirage, 2005

Originally released I 1977, this is the first time this Canadian classic album –“A Gradual Awakening”– is available on cd.
It was privately released on cassette by both artists, then got a mc re-release on Fortuna Records in 1984. A third mc-release appeared on Chacra Alternative Music, which went out of print in 1995.

The album features gentle electronic environmental music inspired in part by Tim moving north into the Madawaska valley of Ontario.
The seven tracks contain introspective ambient music which breaths the quietness of untouched wilderness which can’t be fit in worlds.

The album concludes with the bonus track “Summer Last Words”, taken from the one-sided lp “The Danna & Clément White album” that predates “A Gradual Awakening”.
To me that one is a bit too experimental for my taste. The rest makes an album for serious collectors.

Website: www.oasisproductions.com

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