Danna & Clément – The Best of Danna & Clément

Danna & Clément - The Best of Danna & Clément

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Danna & Clément – The Best of Danna & Clément
CD-R, Earthaven/Mirage, 2005

This is a 70-minute compilation album by the Canadian duo Danna & Clément who made several ambient releases together which all have been unavailable for a long time.

“The Best of Danna & Clément” is a special edition release including a limited edition full-colour eight-page booklet detailing the history of the duo’s writing partnership as well as extensive notes on each of the tracks. The disc offers a selection of six tracks made between 1983-1986, the period when the collaborative albums “A Gradual Awakening”, “Summerland” and “Another Sun” saw the light of day.

The outcome is smooth ambient music with nature and environmental sounds for connoisseurs, carefully avoiding the New Age trap. One of the beauties found here is the title track of “A Gradual Awakening”, another the introspective atmospherics of the 25-minute “To the Land beneath the Waves”. As a bonus, the cd offers the bonus piece “Lumia II” fitting in nicely as is realms in the same distinctive, quiet style.

The 20-bit digital remastering of the classic ambient music puts the icing on the cake on “The Best of Danna & Clément”.

Website: www.oasisproductions.com

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