Dark Sky Alliance – Interdwell

Dark Sky Alliance - Interdwell

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Dark Sky Alliance – Interdwell
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2024

Dark Sky Alliance is a new electro-acoustic band comprising percussionist Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls), keyboardist Rupert Greenall (The Fixx), soundscaping synthesist Eric “the” Taylor, and cinematic guitarist David Helpling. “Interdwell’s” twelve compositions, which also welcomes a range of guest artists, make up a feat of sonic storytelling where each composition paints a different scene. Its overall sonic landscape draws inspiration from the personal, the cosmic, the natural world, and the fantastical.

The 62-minute release offers rather mellow, atmospheric music paired with jazzy bits (“Warm Inlet”, “The Desert Mind”) along with assorted tribal influences, percussion, and polyrhythmic grooves. Earthy tones merge with elements of space music while captivating rhythms keep or set things in motion. Quite some synth leads remind me of Patrick O’Hearn while the bass and space-guitar contributions clearly show Helpling’s firm sonic fingerprint. I can’t say this hybrid type of music is right up my alley, but there surely are some worthy passages in there.


Website: darkskyalliance.com



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