Darshan Ambient – Autumn´s Apple

Darshan Ambient - Autumn´s Apple

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Darshan Ambient – Autumn´s Apple
CD, Lotuspike, 2004

Until now, I’ve heard quite nice ambient music from Darshan Ambient, aka Micahel Allison. For example, listen to his last album “The Zen Master’s Diary”, from 2003.
In 2004, he founded a new label called Lotuspike with some friends. “Autumn’s Apple” is their second release.

Well, fans of his music have to prepare for an unpleasant surprise, as his new music isn’t that quiet s compared to his previous music, and its goes in another direction.
The minimal and slightly high-tech music now features a variety of well crafted loops, tribal and kindred rhythms, and flowing soundscapes, as illustrated in the album opener “Azure Day”.

“Pastorale” is the only track that hails back to contemplative and free form textural music. “Acre of the Sun” seems like an upbeat version of Eno inspired ambient music, while the warm, introspective “Sea Stars for Tristen” move into glitch like ambient music with melancholic undercurrents.

On the other hand, “Rain Parade” sounds disappointing, with its static, smapled beats and slim content. The same applies to “Pebble in in my Shoe”, which contains some strange loops. The title track didn’t touch me either, although it has a faint CC:Dome flare.

“Man in the Window” sets out with sampled sounds and rhythms to which Michael’s Peter Gabriel like vocals are added. I think this track would have been better if the vocals were left out.

Personally, I prefer Darshan’s former, more intimate works. Just check out some sound bites from the album on the site below, and make up you own mind.

Website: www.darshanambient.com/home.html

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