Darshan Ambient – Dream in Blue

Darshan Ambient - Dream in Blue

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Darshan Ambient – Dream in Blue

The music for “Dream in Blue” by Michael Allison (aka Darshan Ambient) was highly inspired by the music of jazz giants Miles Davis and John Coltrane. In addition, Mr Allison says he feels there’s certainly a sonic bridge between jazz and ambient music, a logic extension between the two genres, both often relying on spontaneity and improvisation.

Well, on this recording Darshan Ambient most certainly takes his music in another direction: from the first track on I had the strange experience to listen to a less electronic sounding, Patrick O’Hearn kind-of instrumental music with occasional more up-tempo excursions. Electronics are still present, but electric bass, guitar and drum sequencing are more upfront, as is a strong jazzy scent running through all pieces along influences from India and the Middle-East. Not to forget the jazzy Isham-ish trumpet showing up now and then. Several pieces, such as “As you are” or “Sun Fade” even border easy-listening, while “Waiting on a Dead Man’s Horse” is the only take that walks the reflective avenue. And there’s also some progressive instrumental rock displayed on “Sahara Sun”, the most powerful piece on the cd.

In the end, the musical style blending ambient and jazz that’s featured on “Dream in Blue” is not my cup of tea, and repeated listens didn’t change that opinion.

Website: www.darshanambient.com/home.html

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