Darshan Ambient – Little Things

Darshan Ambient - Little Things

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Darshan Ambient – Little Things
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, LotusPike Records, 2013

On his concept album “Little Things” (which is about uncovering and celebrating the wonderful little details that exist below the surface of our normal routines) Michael Allison has come up with a range of sounds and compositions that mix contemporary with Eastern, African, sometimes Urban ones.

There’s still some electronics involved in the darker-shaded music, but the instrumental outcome take the next step in what was already heard on “Falling Light”: guitar (loops), pulsing strings and groove, percussion-driven compositions with slight jazzy angels and lots of World-music influences. At the same time, Mr Allison has slightly harkened back to the atmospheric, ethereal style from his early days occasionally -which I still consider his best-.

In the end though I wasn’t grabbed that much by the overall result, despite some delightful ethereal and intimate traces as heard on “Unusual Thursday”, the dreamy “Soft Portrait”, “Nocturne”, “Fields” or the sedate title track.

Website: www.darshanambient.com/home.html

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