Darshan Ambient – Songs from the Deep Field

Darshan Ambient - Songs from the Deep Field

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Darshan Ambient – Songs from the Deep Field
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2014

Inspired by one of the most famous images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, “Songs From The Deep Field” ranges from pure space to kinetic free fall – from weightless drift to rhythmic power, and the result is a heavenly blend of ambient synth textures, lush guitar loops, pulsing strings, driving rhythms, electronics, and poignant melodies. These are the label’s promo-lines accompanying Michael Allison’s release “Songs From The Deep Field”, coming with cover art suggesting a cosmic, spacy work.

I soon found out the overall instrumental result is (again) not something up my alley, featuring a mélange of rhythmic-oriented next to more intimate sensitivities in which Mr Allison’s typical e-guitar is heard often next to various voice/choral samples. There’s even a distinct soundtrack-vibe encountered on “Heaven in a Wildflower”.
Part of “Blue Lotus” and especially the intimate “Grey Sea” and “Tears to Rain” though feature the intimate, melancholic (old) Darshan musings I keep longing for, but these form a minority on the recordings from 2004 until now.

“Songs From The Deep Field” is a mature and accomplished recording, it’s style just doesn’t appeal to me.

Website: darshamambient.com/home.html

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