Dave Bessell – Analogue

Dave Bessell - Analogue

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Dave Bessell – Analogue
CD, Manor Records, 2010

“Analogue” is the debut release by Dave Bessell (one of the four members of he legendary band Node), made almost 15 years after the band’s initial and same-titled recording.

For the recording of the music, Dave deliberately limited himself to the use of one instrument, the Macbeth M5n semi modular, next to some heavy treated guitar and instruments which Dave has created as part of his academic research into software synthesis.

Well, all who loves analogue and pulsating atmospherics slightly in the vein of Node should gave a good and focussed listen to the six pieces on this recording.

Especially the vibrant and haunting elements on “Tundra” sure make it something special with its massive sequences and beats. Something tasty and groovy is also pulled off on “Endless”, a more structured and songlike piece on which some nice guitar licks play along with the vintage sound pads.

Great evolving and intriguing atmospherics settle down on the first half of “Black Forrest”, again nicely accompanied by some nice treated guitar, while the interlude enters more experimental and dark spheres. Surely not an easy track, but one that really grows on you when played several more times while revealing more layers of its magic.

Eerie, groovy and haunting atmospheres again kick in on the final piece “Foothills”. “Analogue” is a fascinating but also demanding album with a gothic sense shining through its vintage veins.

A short article about the making-of “Analogue” can be found under “B” in the Features-section.

Website: sites.google.com/site/davebessellmusic/home

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