Dave Bessell – Chromatic Lightning Cage

Dave Bessell - Chromatic Lightning Cage

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Dave Bessell – Chromatic Lightning Cage

Quirky moods and stark analogue atmospheres with a cinematic edge form most of the core of the music on “Chromatic Lightning Cage”, a release completing a quartet of albums, by this UK synthesist, that are all loosely based on the Greek philosophy of the four elements, namely water (“Analogue”), air (“Black Horses Of The Sun”), earth (“Reality Engine”) and finally fire.

I’m not a fan of the abstract, experimental-angled outings on this release such as the estranged “Forest Under the Sea” and “Dream of the Red Chamber” as well as the psychedelic realms shimmering steadily through the leaves of “Ariel” and “Unheimlich”. The weird, surrealist sound design of “Nightshade” and “Moths”, both found in the latter half of “Chromatic Lightning Cage”, are not for the faint of heart either.

What I do love though are the intricate, delicate, and harmonic musings making up the opener “After Hours” and part of the closing track “Elegy”, but these 12 minutes of music simply don’t justify the purchase of this peculiar 62-minute release.

Website: dinrecords.bandcamp.com

Website: sites.google.com/site/davebessellmusic/home

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