Dave Bessell – Reality Engine

Dave Bessell – Reality Engine

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Dave Bessell – Reality Engine

The surreal, gothic and cinematic form the main thread on Mr Bessell’s “Reality Engine”, his second solo album on DiN. This time around the UK-composer indulged his passion for literature in compositions inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, the Brothers Grimm and Lord Dunsany.

Still applying analogue modular sound design along some experimental-ish guitar work, Dave has come up with a 60 minute kaleidoscope of consistently engaging atmospheric and dramatic music giving a lot of attention to detail and levels of intensity. Overall, melody plays a minor role in the nine ghostly-perfumed, hallucinogenic aural creations, only going a bit too far to my liking on the second half of “A man is a small thing…” while excelling on “The Silver Thread” and “Neverwhere”.

I’d say one should give “Reality Engine” a go if you fancy darker-flavoured analogue electronics with an adventurous, exploratory -and occasional rather uncanny- approach.


Website: sites.google.com/site/davebessellmusic/home

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