Dave Luxton & Aaron Gates – Futurus

Dave Luxton & Aaron Gates - Futurus

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Dave Luxton & Aaron Gates – Futurus
CD, Wayfarer Records, 2008

“Futurus” is a concept album of electronic musicians Dave Luxton and Aaron Gates, which initially started with the goal of creating musical representations of prominent themes that the future might hold for life on planet Earth.

Each artist contributed solo compositions to the album, the last three album tracks by Dave and one by Aaron in the form of a hidden track appearing at the end of the album.
Most of the improvised, free form compositions nicely fit in the space music genre, creating both a technological and organic feel as they smoothly go by with almost no sequenced parts or any consistent tempo. “Remote Transmissions” is a strong, more sequenced solo-piece by Dave Luxton with a beautiful, in-depth and spacious sound that makes it my highlight of the cd.

Overall, it’s the inviting, uncomplicated cinematic atmosphere and the chosen warm sounds that make this album a comfortable, relaxed ride, although there are a couple of passages that sound a bit uninspired and flat (e.g. the ending of “Migration of Life” and “All things must come to an end”).

Website: www.daveluxton.com

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