Dave Luxton – The Divided Line

Dave Luxton - The Divided Line

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Dave Luxton – The Divided Line
CD-R, Wayfarer Records, 2009

Musician Dave Luxton continues his journey into ambient electronic dream worlds with “The Divided Line”, a concept album intended to compose music that would reflect the various aspects of human consciousness and the planes of existence.

The outcome is an eclectic mix of gloomy, mesmerizing and at times hypnotizing music made up by subtle shades and nuances shining through the layers of immersive synth pads, treated piano notes and highly effected guitar parts.

A mysterious, slightly foreboding feel is present almost all the way, which has its rough and experimental edges opposite melodic hooked odds and ends and some more sequenced parts. Personally, I had quite a hard time getting “into” this peculiar music, although I had hoped it would grow on me.

I think Mr Luxton is at his best when he takes off into spacious, immersive and minimalist and overall more consistent realms as heard on “One Instant in Time”, “Pole Reversal”, “Ascension” and “The Banishing”.
The beautiful title track at the end seems to rise up from unknown depths, slightly reminding of Jarre’s “Oxygene”, while “Through the Veil” puts an end to the album in quite an alienating manner.

Just tap into this cinematic sonic pool of surrealism (soundbits are on Dave’s site) to find out if this something for your liking.

Website: www.daveluxton.com

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