Dave Luxton – When The World Was Young

Dave Luxton - When The World Was Young

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Dave Luxton – When The World Was Young
CD-R, Wayfarer Records, 2010

“When The World Was Young”, due for release on 01/21/2010, arrived on the threshold of the new year.
This album has a much lighter sound compared to his previous album, although the crispy undercurrents have remained, presenting 10 tracks of freeform ambient dronescapes which “uniquely balance tension and repose”.

Well, the cinematic, imaginary element is still there, as is the slight experimental edge that pops up now and then. The certain derangement of the latter still doesn’t make much sense nor does it in my opinion seem to contribute anything significant to the music overall.
Nevertheless, the dense but carefully shaped “Solar Flux” and “If the Sun fades away” are a very nice efforts, as is the lush, emotive “Floor of Ferns”.

These 45 minutes of adventurous sonic explorations with minimal features and oscillating, evocative layers are an otherworldly affair which demand a lot from the listener before appreciation may step in.

Website: www.daveluxton.com

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