Dave Peck – Endo-Spectra

Dave Peck - Endo-Spectra


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Dave Peck – Endo-Spectra
CD, Private Release, 2003

I found Peck’s name on one of the many playlists of the US radio stations who broadcast electronic music, and got intrigued by the name of the album.

Dave Peck is a synthesist and the creator of several of the factory presets for the new Clavia G2 synthesizer. Well, I gave the great looking cd several spins, which was an absolute joy as it contains some great ambient music.

“Endo-Spectra” is a fascinating sonic travelogue, music inspired by the various journeys Peck undertook around the world. For the music he mainly used the Nord Modular, occasionally assisted by some others synths. Opener “Droam” is the most powerful track on the album, featuring soundscapes and energetic hand-played world percussion.
“Fluid I” is a beautiful shifting textural piece with flute-samples and nice timbres.
“Rutenga Station” is another cinematic track offering soft drifting Patrick O’Hearn-like textures which slowly evolve as some distinct sequencing enters stage on the background. Some wordless Peter Gabriel-vocals (as heard on “Birdy”) show up on the great introspective “Submerged”, which tends a bit towards the sonic creations of Giles Reaves and David Parsons.
“East” is a heartfelt, floating track with melancholic undercurrents and nice bass-drones, before we get into the relaxing environment of “Merzouga” with its light percussion and piano keys which shows slight reminiscence with the main Twin Peak’s Theme.
“Fluid II” and “Fluid III” are great floater’s indeed, beautiful transparent textures in the tradition of Giles Reaves “Sea of Glass”.

I must confess Dave Peck has done an outstanding job with this excellent sonic adventure of outstanding sound quality.

Website: www.electro-music.com


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